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Dá Meal Voucher



Your Dá card

What is it?

It is a pre-paid form of payment by the card holder that can be reloaded remotely:

  • It is accepted when buying any product at the food stores Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Bom Bocado, Bagga and the online store at continente.pt;
  • The holder can continue to benefit from the promotional advantages of the Continente loyalty card (provided it is presented when paying);
  • The card holder of the card can use the whole balance or just part for payment;
  • The balance is valid for 12 months after the date of the last (re)loading;
  • Protection of the balance is guaranteed once the card has been registered online by the card holder;

Is the card transferable?

As it represents the employee’s meal allowance, it is not transferable.

For reasons of security and protection of the balance, we recommend that each employee register their card as soon as it is received, at www.cartoesda.com.

Can the card be personalised with the employee’s name?

No. However, when logging in to www.cartoesda.com, the company will find an editable field (in the “card log” option), that can be used to register the employee’s name.

Is it possible to have a company design on the cards?

No. We currently do not offer personalisation of cards.

Can the card be reloaded?

Yes. As the Dá Meal Voucher Card is intended exclusively to pay meal allowances, it can only be reloaded by the company, at www.cartoesda.com, respecting the minimum and maximum limits of €5 and €1,000, respectively.

Can a card holder use a Dá card and another means of payment for the same purchase?

Yes, they can. They only have to inform the cashier when making the payment.

Where can tax legislation on meal vouchers and related tax concessions be obtained?

The legal framework for this concession can be found in draft amendment 509C to draft law 103/XII of 2012, which defines that tax concessions shall be applied to meal allowances, when paid in the form of meal vouchers.

There are therefore two ways of providing meal allowances with different tax conditions:

  • Provision with the salary, in which case there is no taxation up to a limit equivalent to 100% of the value of the civil service meal allowance (currently €4.27);
  • Provision by means of meal vouchers (such as the Dá Meal Voucher Card), in which case there is no taxation up to a limit equivalent to 160% of the civil service meal allowance (currently equivalent to €6.83).



Advantages for companies.

  • Tax concessions for single social tax;
  • Total exemption from costs and/or fees;
  • Quantity discounts up to 3%*;
  • Simple management of orders: Cards are ordered through the website cartoesda.com. Companies just have to distribute the cards to their employees, after which they can reload them monthly without any additional effort;
  • Service: free delivery to your company within 5 working days (for new cards) or 3 working days (for reloads on existing cards) after payment receipt;


Do Dá cards offer discounts to employers?

Yes. Depending on the annual amounts loaded to Dá cards by the company on www.cartoesda.com, the following discounts are given:


Amounts loaded/Calendar Year €10.000€ a €200.000 €200.001€ a €500.000 >= €500.001
Discounts given on 1st order of the following year 1% 2%


Note: Determination of this discount is by rung. For each category of Dá products different quantity-discount rungs are assigned. In force until 31 December 2016.

Will employers incur costs with Dá cards?

No. Companies only pay the amount (re)loaded on the cards and may even benefit from quantity discounts.

Advantages for employees.

  • Tax reductions for the single social tax and social security;
  • Freedom of choice: It is accepted as a means of payment when buying any product at Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Bom Bocado and Bagga stores and the online store at continente.pt;
  • Secure balance: provided it has been registered at cartoesda.com, its card holder can block the card and receive a replacement in the event of loss, theft or damage;
  • Flexible use: it can be used in its entirety or in part, without any restriction, and can be used for part payment;
  • The balance loaded is valid for 12 months and if the card is reloaded by the company before the expiry date, the whole card balance shall be valid for a further 12 months from the reloading date;
  • The card balance and transaction can be checked, after the card has been registered at cartoesda.com;
  • Call 760 106 666 to check the balance (cost per call €0.60+VAT) and +351 808 10 32 32 for general Dá card customer support;

Why provide this card?

The card can be used to provide meal allowances to employees, offering considerable tax concessions for both parties.

Using Dá card

The card is accepted as a means of payment when buying any product on sale in the associated food stores.


What is the validity of the card balance?

It can be used for 12 months after the last loading. If the card is reloaded before it expires, the validity is automatically extended for a further 12 months period.

The card is cancelled if there is no transaction for 3 years.

How to check the balance and validity of the card?

The validity of the card balance can be checked at any cash desk in the stores where it is valid, by presenting the card; the balance can also be checked by calling 760 106 666 (cost of call €0.60+VAT), or on the website, if already registered.

How can the card holder review the card transactions?

After registration at www.cartoesda.com, the holder can review the card transactions.

What is the minimum amount for (re)loading the card?

The minimum (re)loading amount is €5.


What is the maximum amount for (re)loading the card?

The maximum (re)loading amount is €1000.


What is the maximum amount that can be held on the card?

The maximum balance that can be held on the card is €2,500.

Does the card balance have to be used all at once?

No. The card balance can be used in parts since there are no minimum or maximum spending amounts.

Does the card holder have to present identification or enter a PIN number to use the card balance?

No. It is a means of payment by the card holder. This means that the card holder only has to present the Dá Card in the stores where it is accepted, without needing to present identification or sign any document.

Can the card balance be converted into cash?

No. The card balance cannot be converted into cash and does not give any right to reimbursement in cash or any other means of payment.

Is it possible to divide the balance of a Dá card between other Dá cards?

No, it is not possible to load a Dá card using other Dá cards as a means of payment.

Can the card be reloaded?

Yes. The card holder can reload cards at the cash desk of any of the stores where the card is accepted. The minimum and maximum limits of €5 and €1,000 apply.

If the card balance is zero, can it be reloaded?

Yes. The card holder can reload cards with zero balance at the cash desk of any of the stores where the card is accepted. The minimum and maximum limits of €5 and €1,000 apply.

Security, loss and theft

If the card has been lost, stolen or damaged, does the card holder lose the balance?

No, provided the card holder has registered the card at www.cartoesda.com they can block the use of the card through the website, in the event of loss, theft or damage (selecting the option “lost, stolen or damaged card”). After the card has been blocked, the card holder will be contacted within 8 working days to be informed of the procedure to obtain a replacement card. The replacement of the Dá card shall have a cost of €2.50 to be deducted from the card balance. The card holder must also inform the entity that provided the card of its loss to prevent it from reloading the lost card. If the card has not been registered, as it is payable to the card holder, Modelo Continente Hipermercados, S.A. shall not incur any liability.

In the event of loss, theft or damage, will the replacement card keep the same number?

No. The replacement card will have a different number, but will be automatically associated with the same account.

Does the card need a PIN number to be used?

The card does not need a PIN number to be loaded or for checking the balance. However, for security purposes, the card is provided with a PIN (on the back), that can be used for registration at www.cartoesda.com. This registration guarantees the possibility of blocking the card or requesting its replacement in the event of loss, theft or damage.

Ordering process

Where can they be acquired?

Dá Corporate Giftcards can be acquired exclusively by companies registered on the website www.cartoesda.com, where a username and access password are created so that they can submit orders. The cards and designs sold to companies through the Dá cards website cannot be acquired in the stores where they are accepted.

Can the cards be acquired from Continente stores?

No. Dá Meal Voucher cards can only be acquired and reloaded by companies through our website www.cartoesda.com.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order value (new cards and/or recharging) is €500.


Ordering process

The process is simple and easy to follow:

  • Register your company at cartoesda.com/encomendar, create the users that may have access to order this product and indicate the category of the product that you want to acquire (in this case, Dá Meal Voucher);
  • After receiving access information by e-mail, submit your order. For security reasons, the ordering process for new Dá Meal Voucher cards requires a unit value of €0.01 to be attributed to each card in the initial order (number of cards to reflect the number of employees to receive a meal allowance). These unit values will not be charged and do not have to be paid. When the cards are subsequently loaded, the minimum limit of €5 and maximum limit of €1,000 must be respected and each card’s balance must never exceed €2,500;
  • For good management and control of future (re)loading, we recommend that as soon as the cards are received, the name of each employee be identified on our site under the option “card log”;
  • Hand out the cards to employees, telling them to register the cards, for reasons of security and protection of the balance, on the website cartoesda.com;
  • Repeat the following steps each month to reload the cards: submit an order specifying the amount to be loaded on each card, pay by bank transfer and send proof of payment to cartoesda@sonae.com, with a reference to the order number (sent in the confirmation e-mail).

How to reload cards?

The procedure for reloading cards is the same as the procedure for making purchases. Enter your company account at www.cartoesda.com and submit an order using one of the following two options:

a) Website Option.

The website option allows the user to submit an order directly through the website, using a simple menu. As this is a manual procedure, we recommend that it only be used for orders with up to 20 cards.

b) File Option.

If your order involves more than 20 cards, we recommend the use of the “file” option, which enables you to download an excel file and thus easily complete the amount to be uploaded to each card.

What are the delivery times?

We undertake, except in cases of force majeure, to deliver orders of new cards within 5 working days. After receipt of payment, loads will be available for use on cards within 3 working days.

Will an invoice be issued?

Yes. An invoice is issued to the company for each order paid and processed, with the name of the product (Dá Meal Voucher Card) and the total value of the order. In the case of an order for new cards, the invoice is sent with the cards. In the case of reloads, the invoice is sent by mail to the delivery address. All invoices are accompanied by a list with the serial numbers of all the cards we have supplied or reloaded and the amount reloaded.

See sample invoice

Is it possible to include our internal purchase order reference on the invoice?

Yes, when placing the order, in the “observations” field, include the details of this request, for example: “please include our purchase order number xxxxxxxx on the invoice”.

How are payments made?

Orders for new cards and/or recharging will only be processed after confirmation of the payment, which must be made by bank transfer using the following details:

Beneficiary Modelo Continente Hipermercados S.A.

Bank BPI – Boavista

NIB 0010 0000 7986 3540 0022 7

IBAN PT50 0010 0000 7986 3540 0022 7


How to send proof of payment?

Send the proof of payment by e-mail to cartoesda@sonae.pt specifying the order number (which is sent in the e-confirmation mail).



You can contact the Dá cards sales team by e-mail cartoesda@sonae.pt or by telephone +351 222 454 893/4. Telephone support is available on working days, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.



Card Holders

You can contact Dá Card Customer Support by email cartoesda.apoioaocliente@sonae.pt or by calling +351 808 10 32 32. Telephone support is available on working days, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for use of Dá Giftcards can be found here.